"The Chutzpah Connection: Blueprint for Success"
This motivational keynote address is inspired from Idora Silver's original research resulting in a book of the same title. Idora challenges participants to face their fears, dream about new levels of accomplishment, give back to others, and do whatever they do with style, grace, and chutzpah. Idora describes the 10+ traits of chutzy, successful people, and shares techniques for overcoming obstacles, thriving through change, and living a life rich with health, humor, and hope.

"The Times of Our Lives: Time & Life Management"
Successful people treat time as a scarce resource and value it accordingly. Idora offers powerful techniques to overcome procrastination, set goals, work a plan, balance the short run with the long run, and achieve at higher levels than ever anticipated. Participants will enjoy Idora's wit, wisdom, and inspiration - while grasping her intensity for time and life management!

"Living with Oxy's and Other Morons: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World"
In this stress management program, Idora shares her unique perspective on stress and life management. "In a world full of jumbo shrimp, guest hosts, and other contradictions, it's no wonder people are stressed," she says. Participants will learn how to identify bad stress in their lives and reduce it to manageable levels, in order to live a more energized, balanced, and fulfilling life.

"Laughing, Loving, & 2nd Chances: Keeping Your Soul at Its Best"
This high-energy motivational program will inspire audiences to laugh at life, give and get more love, and reach higher levels of achievement. Idora's powerful stories will help you "grow new eyes" in order view the world with clearer, more focused vision. "What appears to be the end may really be a new beginning."

"My Father, Myself: Confessions of a Late Blooming Sales Professional"
Idora shares the "Seven Secrets to Sales Success" which she swears she learned from her used car salesman father, Sam. You will enjoy Sam and Idora's secrets to relationship building and sales success. Learn how to sell for the fourth sale, service the hell out of your customers, and understand that you aren't just making a sale, you are making a difference!

"The 5 C's to Customer Service Success"
In this fun, fast-paced program, Idora shares her 5 C's to customer service success, including "C" is for customer, change, commitment, comedy, and community. These tried and true approaches will give any organization a shot in the arm to find new and better ways to improve its service environment for both internal and external customers.