by Idora Silver
188 pages. Chutzpress.
A Review by Cathleen Ferraro
Sacramento Bee Staff Writer

Writing a book about chutzpah -- a Yiddish term meaning gall, nerve, gumption -- is as timely as ever, since the world demands we brazenly overcome daunting odds to survive. In that way, Idora Silver's "Chutzpah Connection" is valuable and lives up to its "self-help/motivational" bookstore category. A motivational speaker and consultant living in Reno, Nevada, Idora Silver uses stories of inspiration and achievement from ordinary folks. They're good yarns and downright funny at times ...

Think of "Chutzpah" as great bedtime reading--the kind of stories that make you feel good before snapping off the nightstand lamp. Mostly, Silver's book will give you a little more get-up-and-go for juggling the next day's challenges.

"This book is for successful people who need a little boost to get to their next level, to do that one thing they haven't done yet," she said.

At the end of the book, Silver lists 101 ways to get more chutzpah. Among them: Do what you fear most, forget about security, be patient and persistent, enjoy everything in moderation, give time, look for what's right, accept yourself, enjoy the success of others, forget your age, and allow your spirit to renew itself.
"In order to have more chutzpah, you must dare to dream," she says.

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*chutz' pah (khuts pe) n. (Colloq.) boldness, nerve, courage, gall, gumption, and audacity.